Micro Care

is a revolutionary product, that lives up to your expectations:

MicroCare offers all-round protection against a wide variety of bacteria (Penicilium funiculosum, Aspergillus Niger, ...) and mould.
pic. 1 pic. 2

Pic. 1: Mould developement on     Pic. 2: The MicroCare material

a mattress cover, in ideal            hinders the growth of mould.

conditions, after 30 days.            The test sample is not a

A number of types of mould a       affected by the mould expansion.

re visible. 

MicroCare hinders the widening of bad odours, because it eliminates the micro-organisms which cause them.
MicroCare has other advantages to offer, too:
* washable up to 60° C
* CFC-free
* It's moisture absorbant and transports moisture well, too
* the material dries quickly
* hypoallergenic grips

MicroCare stops the reproduction of dust mites by removing their food source. Therefore, the cause of allergy is greatly reduced.