Flexible and exclusive with Matherm

Matherm offers over 100 different sorts of wool, either padded or non-padded on large rolls of material. So every customer can put their own product together.
Your customer programme can be arranged, with many other details, such as those listed below. This way you can distinguish your products from others, individually. 

  • Borders made from different materials and in different sizes
  • Removable blanket inlets made from wool, silk or Polyester fleece. Optional extra padding using zips
  • Assorted Stitching patterns as product decoration
  • Inlets using the newest technology, such as our BIOTHERM-radiation protection - developed and petented by MATHERM GmbH
  • Different static magnets and pulsating magnet technology
  • Visco-elastic inlets and polyurethane cores in a wide variety of different heights. Thes can be with or without extra head and foot inlets. 
  • Extra support for the fixture of underblankets. For example, an elastic support around the complete mattress
  • Different pillow fillings. For example, our "Thermafill" or "PE ball" fillings, which can be washed at boiling temperatures
  • Different mattress covers, which are also removable and can therefore be washed seperately
  • We can also vacuum pack our mattress, if you wish

Our experience together with your ideas will make the perfect sales programme.
Talk to us about your ideas, we are happy to help.

Since 1960  EXCLUSIVE wool products 

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