The medical and therapeutic qualities of Silver have been known and used for thousands of years. The Romans were the first people to document the healing properties of silver. In the 5th Century Ciro the Great forbad his troups from transporting water in anything other than silver barrels, because he knew that the water would remain clean and drinkable due to the silver.
Sayings like "you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth", used to mean that you had a higher chance of survival than other children. Today we know that silver kills off E-Coli and Salmonella. Both Organisms can be found on cutlery which hasn't been made of silver. These are regarded to be a cause of illness, and in some cases can even cause death.

Silver distinguishs itself through its unique advantages:
* Silver  has the highest electrical conductivity
* Silver  has the highest thermal conductivity
* Silber  has the highest infra-red refelction degree
* Silber  has the best effect on repelling electro-static (EMI)

All these advatages were worked into the Silverline® material, bringing together a unique make-up of composition and functionability.
Silberline® uses the silver properties to offer the following advantages:
       * natural anti-microbic Function
       * prevents the build-up of nasty smells
       * optimal anti-static effect
       * shielda against electro-magnetic waves
       * washable
       * permanent, because its worked into the material

Many scientific studies have confirmed the effects of the silver fibres, for example:
The University of New York, r. Philipp Terno

The university used the traditional Kirby - Bauer Method to confirm the abti micro-biotic effect. The results don't just confirm the unusual properties of the silver fibres as a micro-biotic material. It also proved that, body tissue reacted resistant to bacteria after a course of Medication along the same lines.